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H Wire Frame and Stake Alternative

It is so unfortunate when a beautiful sign is flopping over on a sub-par posting sign frame or stake. Why use a H Wire frame for your signs when you can have a much better frame at a price that will be a welcomed surprise.
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A better alternative than H Wire Frames.

H Wire Frame may seem like an obvious choice until you start understanding the issues that can  arise with using this kind of frame and stake to hold your corrugated signs. 

The price of the metal that is used in H Wire frames continues to rise at a rapid rate and are not nearly as cheap as they once were. Our frames and stakes are mostly of glass-filled polypropylene and are very competitively priced to the H Wire alternative.

H Wire frames are susceptible to corrosion and rust. Advertising will tell you that they are rust resistant, but we have all seen these H stakes rusted - but not with our sign holders. That is because we use high quality 100% recycled plastic - which keeps your signs looking great.

H Wire stake and frame is flimsy in adverse weather and does a poor job of keeping your signs in good condition and properly placed over a long period of time. It’s not uncommon to see H Wire held signs bent over and wildly flopping in the wind - making it difficult to read your signs. That doesn’t happen with our sturdy and rigid frames and stakes.

It is not realistic to use an H Wire frame and stake more than once - maybe twice. They bend and twist and often are thrown away after being used for a short period of time. Not only is that not cost effective, it is wasteful and bad for the environment. Our 100% recycled plastic frames and stakes are long lasting and can be effectively used over and over!

Not all H Frame Wire frames are made in the United States. All of our posting sign products are made right here in the USA - in the heart of the midwest. When you buy our sign holders, you buy American.

An actual photo* of a sign with h wire. You see this all the time with h wire. H wire is not a good alternative for your posting signs.

*although we digitally blurred out info, we did not touch the sign to make a point.