The Head Hunter is an inexpensive and convenient solution to remove grass or sod that has grown around or is interfering with a sprinkler head’s functionality. This easy to use tool cuts a perfect circle around your sprinkler without removing excess soil or grass.

The Head Hunter is a fraction of the cost of “T-handle” metal sod cutters or trimmers that are currently available in the market. Our patented design creates a cutting edge that slices excess dirt or sod by rotating the handles. The sturdy, tapered body of the Head Hunter is easily pushed into the ground and rotated simultaneously.

If you’re not interested in paying $50 for a metal “T-handle” sod cutter, sick of over-digging with a shovel, or have been avoiding the job altogether, the Head Hunter is a portable, lightweight, easy to use solution. Conveniently sized and built to last, the Head Hunter is stored easily in a closet, garage, or shed where it will be waiting whenever your sprinkler heads are next encroached upon.



  • 10.5” across (handle end to handle end)
  • 6” across body
  • 4.75” deep
  • Stackable
  • Made out of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene
  • Weight: just over 9oz


  • Box: 9” x 14” x 12”,
  • qty 12 per box
  • Suggested retail: $12.95
  • Wholesale pricing: $6.50

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