(Professional Account Price) Car Window Clip (carton of 30)

*suggested retail: $4.95 per unit
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Product Details
Price per unit: 3.95*
Units in product: 30

DESCRIPTION: Designed similar to our Spider Stake, the USA Window Clip easily slides onto most any car or truck window. Car dealers love the high-impact tool because they're inexpensive — especially when compared to a magnetic corrugated plastic roof-tent. Whether parked in the street or in a driveway, real estate agents use them on their car to draw attention to the open house they’re hosting. These are just a few examples of how our innovative products can be marketed to your customers. Use your imagination — it works! The USA Window Clip is lightweight and durable. Made from near 100% recycled fiberglass reinforced high-density composite, this unique sign holder can be used over and over again. To assemble, you simply insert the prongs into the core of a pre-printed corrugated plastic substrate.

DIMENSIONS: 21” tall, 8” across

RECOMMENDED SIZE/TYPE OF SIGNAGE: The Car Window Clip supports coroplast signage with vertical flutes.

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