(Professional Account Price) Spider Rider: Add-On for Step Frame (40-count box)

* suggested retail: $1.99 per unit
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Price per unit: 0.99*
Units in product: 40

DESCRIPTION: Clip-on "Rider" for Step Frame /Ideal for Real Estate or other types of yard signs: The Spider Rider is an add-on to the USA Step Frame. The Spider Rider easily clips right onto the top or side of our Step Frame, allowing you to add a corrugated rider sign quickly! FYI, when you purchase our Step Frames, Spider Riders are automatically included. This listing is for Spider Riders only. (Black, 40ct box).

DIMENSIONS: 8” across (black “clip” section), 6.5” tall (including height of 5” metal posts)

RECOMMENDED SIZE/TYPE OF SIGNAGE: Supports corrugated signage with vertical flutes.

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