Step Frame (carton of 5)

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Step Frame for Realtor / Real Estate or other types of yard signs

No oily residue or chipped paint inviting a rusty handshake, but the real bonus — NO FASTENERS REQUIRED! Our realtor-style sign frames accept either metal or corrugated plastic 18" x 24" substrates that simply slip into place — no sharp edges or screw heads sticking out. At slightly over 2lbs, the light weight sign frame makes for effortless portability. The integral foot stirrup makes setup easy — rock it side to side slightly while pushing down with your foot and you're there! Made from near 100% recycled fiberglass reinforced high-density plastic, the lightweight construction makes our sign frames extremely economical to ship. Includes a FREE Spider-Rider that clips right onto the top or side of the frame, allowing you to add a corrugated rider sign quick and easy


USA Step Frames are sold in a carton of 5 and available in Black, Red and White.

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