1. A Frame Sign Assembly


The USA A-Frame & USA A1A-Frame share the same basic assembly process. Both units utilize 2 identical molded A-Frame units and 2 identical length bungee cords. The larger USA A-Frame features an additional 10mm wide channel along the A-Frame sides for accommodating thicker substrates.

A frame Assembly:

  1. Lay both A-Frame units on a flat surface with the substrate channels facing up. Attach one of the bungee cords to both the top and bottom cleat on one of the units. On the other unit attach the bungee cord to the top cleat only, leaving one bungee end LOOSE for the next step.
  2. Working with the first A-Frame unit that has the bungee cord attached at both ends, insert the two substrate panels into the appropriate channels on the long sides of this A-Frame unit. Place the second A-Frame unit over the upright sign face substrates, fitting the edges into the same size channels as the first A-frame unit. Allow the loose end of the bungee to hang down between the sign faces.(Hint: For ease of assembly, tape the top edges of the sign faces together to form a tent. This helps stabilize the assembly until the remaining bungee end loop has been attached.)
  3. Place one hand on top of the upper A-Frame unit to hold it stable. With your other hand, reach through the loop of the lower bungee cord and grab the end of the loose bungee. Pull the loose end back through the lower bungee loop being careful not to let go of it. Bring it up to meet the unused cleat on the upper A-Frame unit. Attach the bungee to the cleat and your assemble is complete. When fully assembled, the bungees will look as if crisscrossed in the middle forming a large “X.” Make sure there is sufficient tension created with the bungee cords to firmly secure the sign faces in place.

Important Reminder: When using corrugated substrates, orient the corrugations horizontally.

                       Assembly                                                 Step 1

                        Step 2                                                     Step 3

                        Step 4                                                           Step 5

                         Step 6                                                         Step 7

                           Step 8                                              Completed Frame 

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