Premium H Stakes and Frames for Yard Signs

Discover The Best Alternative to H Wire Frames for Yard Signs

Choosing H Wire Frames for your yard signs may seem like an obvious choice until you understand the issues that can arise with this type of frame and stake for your corrugated signs. 

The cost of the metal used in H Wire frames, also known as H stakes, continues to rise rapidly. They are no longer as affordable as they once were. Our frames and stakes, primarily made of glass-filled polypropylene, (similar to car bumper material) are competitively priced compared to the H Wire alternative and much stronger and longer lasting. We recommend our Corostake, Spider Stake, and Extreme Stake as alternatives to typical flimsy metal H-wire stakes. 

USA Sign Frame and Stake Spider Stake

H Wire frames, or H stake signs, are prone to corrosion and rust. Despite advertising claims of rust resistance, we've all seen these H stakes rust over time. This is not the case with our sign holders. We use high-quality 100% recycled plastic, ensuring your signs remain in excellent condition. 

H Wire stakes and frames prove flimsy in adverse weather, failing to keep your signs in good condition and properly placed over time. It's common to see signs held by H Wire stakes bent and wildly flopping in the wind, making your message difficult to read. This doesn't happen with our sturdy and rigid frames and stakes, the ideal H stakes for yard signs.

USA Sign Frame and Stake Corostake next to H-wire

Our 30" Corostake being tested in a wind tunnel alongside a typical H-wire sign stake.

Using an H Wire frame and stake more than once or twice is unrealistic. They bend and twist, often discarded after short-term use. Landscaping crews have trouble removing and re-inserting signage that's displayed on h-wire stakes, leading to damaged signage and stakes that are no longer usable. This is not only cost-ineffective but also wasteful and harmful to the environment. Our 100% recycled plastic frames and stakes are long-lasting and can be used repeatedly!

Not all H Wire stakes or wire stakes for signs are made in the United States. A large portion of metal yard sign stakes are imported from overseas. All of our sign display products are proudly made here in the USA using recycled materials. When you buy our sign holders, you're supporting American-made products.