Step Frames for Signs

Step Frames for Signs

The superior solution for real estate signs.

Metal sign frames, commonly used by realtors, may seem like an obvious choice until you consider the issues that metal frames often present.

The price of the metal that is used in realtor frames continues to rise at a rapid rate and frames are not nearly as cheap as they once were. All of our frames and stakes are manufactured with glass-filled polypropylene and are very competitively priced.

Metal frames are susceptible to corrosion and rust. Advertising will tell you that they are rust resistant, but we have all seen realtor sign frames rusted - not with our sign holders. We use high quality 100% recycled plastic - which keeps your signs looking great.

Many real estate sign frames require hardware and assembly. Not only do many frames require assembly, assembly requires tools and hardware to keep track of. We know realtors are busy... the last thing you should be worrying about keeping track of is a screwdriver and screws for your sign frame. With our Step Frame, you simply weave signage into the offset tabs in the frame, step the frame into the ground, and you're finished. Our Step Frame securely nests signage inside the frame and has a raised edge that protects signage from damage while transporting as well.

Not all realtor frames are made in the United States. All of our sign display products are made right here in the USA - in the heart of the Midwest. When you buy our sign holders, you buy American.

People who host open houses need ways to guide people.

If you’re hosting an event like an open house, signage is one of the most important things to get right. Signs can be used to direct people to different areas, or they can act as a way for you to advertise your event. They can also help people find their way back to their cars after the event has ended.

The yard sign frames we recommend are made from reinforced recycled plastic as it is both lightweight and durable. This means that if there are strong winds during your event, then these signs won’t blow over easily!

Plastic frames are more durable than wood or metal.

They can withstand the elements and last for years to come. Plastic frames don't break, split, rust, or decay like wood and metal do. This makes them more environmentally friendly as well! Our plastic frames are light-weight and easy to carry, making them easier to use than the competitions frames.

USA Sign Frame and Stake Step Frame

Recycled plastic frames are good for the environment.

If you've ever tried to recycle a piece of wood, you know that it's not always easy. The same goes for metal. But plastic is different: it can be recycled and used over and over again as long as it's clean and free from contaminants. Plus, plastic sign frames are very durable—they won't rot or wear out like wood or rust like metal does! As an added bonus, recycled plastic signs are also good for your yard: they're lightweight but sturdy enough to hold up in any weather. Plus, they won't chip or crack like other materials do when they get hit by heavy winds or storms—unlike wood stakes which might break if they get wet often enough during winter and heavy rains.

Frames that last a long time won't wind up in landfills as quickly as metal or wood versions do.

Plastic frames are easier to recycle than metal or wood frames. The frame you choose is an important decision, because it can have a big impact on the environment. Plastic frames can be easily recycled, whereas metal and wood won't be reused as often because they're harder to process. This means fewer materials will be thrown away in landfills!

Wrought iron will rust and break down if it is left outside year-round.

Wrought iron will begin to break down if it is left outside year-round. Wrought iron can also be brittle and prone to rusting.

Our Step Frames all come with a FREE Spider Rider.

Many realtors like to add "rider" signs to their real estate signage. Our Step Frames all come with our Spider Rider, which can be clipped on to the top or either side of the Step Frame for added signage or directionals.