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The Corostake – 30” Stake for Coroplast Signage: The perfect blend of h-wire and recycled plastic to give you long lasting sign display.
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Ideal for Real Estate

Promote your next open house with our sturdy Step Frame to advertise your listings! Place our handy Spider Rider Step Frame Add-On onto the top or side of the frame, to show off that ‘SOLD’ sign.

Perfect for Lawn Care Providers

Your existing customer is your best tool to reach new customers. Use our clip stick stakes to show your customer’s neighbors who they trust with their lawn and water care!

H Wire Alternative

It is so unfortunate when a beautiful sign is flopping over on a sub-par sign frame or stake. Why use a H Wire frame for your signs when you can have a much better frame at a price that will be a welcomed surprise.

A-Frame for Sidewalks

Make an impact from the curb with A Frame signs using our sturdy designed recycled fiberglass reinforced high-density plastic holders.

Environmentally friendly outdoor and indoor sign holders!

The GREEN Posting Sign Alternative

We manufacture our sign holder products with an environmentally conscience approach using high-quality 100% recycled fiberglass reinforced high-density plastic.

No paint fumes spewing into the air, no chipping, rusty dust or oily residue here! We make our environmentally conscience sign holder products of high-quality 100% recycled fiberglass reinforced high-density plastic.

There’s no denying it, our nation is becoming increasingly aware of our environmental responsibilities. For example, consumers are consciously seeking out every “green” product alternative that addresses their deepening concerns. The push is definitely on to successfully create new products from reprocessed materials.  We’re environmentally conscience and do this by harvesting old products that have outlived their usefulness and destined for a landfill.

Compared to cumbersome angle-iron, welded-wire “banjo frames,” or the flimsy H-wire stakes, we make our products of reinforced high-density plastic. As a result, they’re extremely durable and light weight which takes less energy (and less money) to ship. Not only can we offer you a “greener” alternative to traditional sign frames and sign stakes at competitive prices, but most importantly, we’re also doing our part to protect and conserve America’s natural resources.


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USA Sign Frame and Stake began in Western Michigan — right in the heart of the industrial midwest.

Over 15 years of experience making sign stakes and frames.

With over 15 years experience in the retail signage business, we began to observe raw material and energy prices skyrocket, which was greatly impacting the cost of the sign display products we offered to our customers and we knew there had to be a better solution. So, we took the plunge and invested in the technology and manufacturing expertise to develop our new unique, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible solutions for sign display.
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