2. A1A Frame Assembly


The USA A1A-Frame design affords many possibilities for constructing a variety of sign shapes and sizes. The method of assembly illustrated here works for most common applications.

  1. Lay both A-Frame units on a flat surface with the substrate channels facing up. Attach the two bungee cords to each end cap as shown leaving the end loop of one bungee cord not attached. Note: Both the end caps and bungee cords are identical.
  2. Lay the end cap with the bungee cord hooked at both ends on a flat surface. Insert the substrate panels into the appropriate channels on the long sides of this unit. Place the other end cap over the sign panels inserting the substrate edges into the end cap channels as before.(HINT: For ease of assembly, tape the top edges of the substrates together forming a “tent.”)
  3. Place one hand on top of the assembly to steady it. Reach underneath the bottom bungee with the other hand and firmly grasp the dangling end of the upper bungee pulling it back through the lower bungee. Bring the loose bungee end upward attaching it to the empty cleat on the upper end cap.
  4. The bungees should appear like a large “X”.Tip: Instead of taping the upper edges of individual sign faces together, just leave the corrugated substrate in one piece and simply score it at the center and bend along the scored line to form a tent. This technique results in a very easy and stable assembly.

    Very Important: When using corrugated substrates, orient the corrugations horizontally.

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