5. Step Frame Sign Assembly

Step Frame product available.

Begin your installation by noting the 4 sign face keepers at each inside corner of the frame and the 3 keepers along the bottom and sides of the frame. Each set of keepers is offset slightly, creating about a 4mm channel for capturing an 18” x 24” metal or corrugated sign substrate. The sign-face substrate will be sandwiched between these alternating keepers, completely enclosing the edges and protecting the graphics from damage. When correctly installed, the corner keepers will show up on one side of the sign face; with the bottom and side keepers on the opposite side of the sign face.

  1. Starting at the upper section of the frame, locate the gap where the sign face will slide into and through the first set of slots as shown. This gap is found just below the top pair of corner keepers. Inserting the sign face at roughly a 45 degree angle works best. Push the sign face through about 2/3 of the way until the bottom edge of the substrate will line up with the next gap located just above the lower set of corner keepers.
  2. Rotate the sign face parallel with the side frame rails and begin feeding the substrate down through the lower corner gaps. Note that the lower corner keepers have a beveled lead-in to help guide the sign face into position. The substrate may be trimmed slightly should it bind during this process, however a snug fit is best.
  3. Gently flex the sign face along the bottom edge weaving the substrate between the bottom keeper and the corner keepers sliding the substrate all the way down to the bottom until it rests on the lower frame rail.
  4. When the sign face is fully seated, use the small tab on the top rail to lock the sign face into place by gently flexing the top rail enough to “pop” the tab over the upper edge of the sign face to the opposite side.

Note: There are conveniently spaced screw bosses molded into the frame rails on the top and bottom of the frame opening for accommodating top or bottom riders.

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