30" Corostake

Design Elements of the 30" Corostake

Introducing the newly revised 30" Corostake: The sleeker, stronger alternative to 30" h wire stakes. Our 30" Corostake boasts a simple, well-engineered design, allowing for maximum support in desired areas while maintaining necessary flexibility in others. Through multiple revisions, we have developed a superior product that allows one to display their sign with confidence.

Entry Points in Ground and Sign

When developing the Corostake, we engineered the ends to be rigid. They utilize 5” high tinsel galvanized 9 gauge wires. High tinsel refers to the strength and stiffness of the wires and gauge measures the thickness of the wire. Galvanized steel is treated (with zinc) to prevent rusting. These high tinsel wires allow for rigidity at ground and sign insertion points, displaying your signage stronger and longer. Furthermore, based on our research 5” wires are optimal when inserted into coroplast. In higher winds it allows for the sign to absorb the majority of the flex rather than the stake. This allows the sign to hinge back to position when the winds subside, compared to having it blow or bend the entire sign over. Following this, we designed the 30" Corostake to universally hold your sign on either end.

Wire Connection Point

We paid particular attention to where the wire connection points are. We wanted these connections to act in unison with one another and maintain strength of the stake. Through multiple revisions, we found that this section needed further reinforcement. We added extra material to the stake at the joints and added thicker ribbing outside the metal post to strengthen the joints. There were two steps of revisions for this stake as illustrated below. The extra material absorbs the tension from wind and resistance and more evenly shares the load. 

30" Corostake version 1   30" Corostake version 2

(above) initial 30" Corostake                                             (above) revised 30" Corostake

30" Corostake final version

(above) final 30" Corostake


The midsection is also another area that has been revised. These changes allowed for more sturdiness through the crossmember and side straights while maintaining some flexibility throughout. This flexibility works alongside the coroplast sign to allow some minor movement in the stake body, preventing breakage or permanent bend due to wind. The midsection also acts as a handle to support stepping the stake into the ground.

version 1 vs final 30" Corostake
(above: LEFT - initial 30" Corostake / RIGHT: Final 30" Corostake)


As with all products we offer, we produce the 30" Corostake out of 100% recycled fiberglass-reinforced composite. This material is very similar to car bumper material. This allows for the sign to be rigid in supporting your sign, yet will flex so your sign is not “uprooted.” We keep the environment in mind when producing with recycled plastic and steel; ultimately giving materials a second, third, maybe even fourth life in producing your sign stake. 


We engineered our Corostake as a do-all sign stake that is rigid yet maintains flexibility in all the right areas. This enables your signage to be displayed longer, more confidently, and with a higher perceived curb appeal.

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