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Overview: How to choose a sign holder

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While first visiting our website, you will notice that there is a wide variety of products to choose from, from the small but mighty Hotdog Stand to the large and in-charge A-Frame. We often get asked which product to purchase; and the answer is dependent on several considerations:

- What material will one be using for the sign?  

- What is the size of the sign?  

- Where will the sign be displayed?  

Sign Material   

Corrugated Plastic 

Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast) material works best for many of our products. The flutes in the material make assembly very simple. There are metal posts on the Extreme Stake, Spider Stake, Spider Rider, Corostake, and Car Window Clip. These offer support to your sign and are designed to fit most corrugated plastic signage. Please note that these sign holders require signage to be printed vertically to account for the vertical flutes. The free-standing Hot Dog Stand supports coroplast with vertical flutes too. Our Step Frame and Goal Post both accept corrugated plastic signage as well.  

Regarding the A- Frame and A1A-Frame it is recommended that the signage is printed horizontally. This will account for the flutes running horizontally to prevent the sign from buckling.  

Metal Signage:  

Metal Signage will work best with the Step Frame, allowing for .32- .40 thickness. While it is possible to work with A-Frames, it is not recommended.  


Our line of smaller posting stakes accommodate 1mm PVC signage. This includes our Economy Stake, Clip Stick, and Slim Stake. Although they serve different purposes, they all support 1mm PVC signs (non-corrugated). All three of these stakes are ideal for chemical or pesticide application warning signs.  


While most signs fit into the categories above, our products can assist in other forms of signage.  

  • Dry erase boards: A-Frame  
  • Plastic-cored aluminum sheet-stock: A-Frame 
  • Foam-Core substrates: Hotdog Stand  

Size of the sign 

While many of our frames can work with a wide array of signage materials, it’s important to consider the size of the signage your holder will be displaying. We will consider what best supports small, medium, and larger signage.  


For supporting small signs, the Economy Stake, Clip Stick, and Slim Stake are all great options. Starting with the Slim Stakes, we recommend a 4” (W) x 4” (H) sign, but this stake can accommodate up to a 4” (W) x 8” (H). For the stake to operate effectively, there needs to be a hole punched on the top edge with a thin slit on the bottom to weave the stake into. Our Economy Stakes and Clip Sticks can both support signage up to 6” (W) x 9” (H). These stakes both feature a head that accepts substrates with a hole punched for secure placement. While our Hotdog Stands and Spider Riders do not have a definite size restriction, they work best with smaller, vertical flute corrugated signs.  

Slim Stake: 4” (H) x 4” (W) recommended, 4” (W) x 8” (H) max 

Economy Stake: 6” (H) x 9” (W) max  

Clip Stick: 6” (H) x 9” (W) max  

Hotdog Stand: Depends; smaller, vertical flute corrugated signs required  

Spider Rider: Depends; smaller, vertical flute corrugated signs required  


When supporting medium sized signs, our Corostake, Spider Stake, Car Window Clip, Extreme Stake, and A1A-Frame all offer great capabilities. With the Corostake, Car Window Clip, and Spider Stake, we recommend a maximum of 18” (H) x 24” (W). We recommend an 18” (H) x 24” (W) sign for the Extreme Stake, not exceeding 18” – 24” in height. With the exception of the A1A-Frame, these four products hold primary corrugated signage with vertical flutes. The A1A-Frame requires horizontally fluted coroplast. Although we only recommend 18” of height, many consumers have had success displaying signage wider than 24” by supporting with multiple sign frames (excluding the Car Window Clip).  

Corostake: 18” (W) x 24” (H) max 

Spider Stake: 18” (W) x 24” (H) max 

Car Window Clip: 18” (W) x 24” (H) max 

Extreme Stake: 18” (W) x 24” (H) max 

A1A Frame: 18” (W) x 24” (H) 



Regarding large sign frames, the Step Frame, Goal Post, and both versions of our A-Frame suit many needs. While the Step Frame offers the same capabilities (18” (H) x 24” (W)) as other medium size signage, it can account for heavier duty signs. The same can be said about the Goal Post, yet it can account for more customized signs to draw attention (see product listing HERE). The third large sign holder we offer would be the A1A- Frame. These are recommended to hold signage that is 18” (H) x 24” (W) or 24” (H) x 24” (W). As a further reminder, this frame holds corrugated signage with horizontal flutes. Finally, our sign frame that can hold the largest signs would be the A-Frame. These can account for signs anywhere from 18” x 24” to 36” x 60” and above. The A-Frame also has the capability to account for 4mm or 6mm corrugated plastic signage, making it our most versatile sign.  

Step Frame: 18” (H) x 24” (W)  

Goal post: 18” (H) x 24” (W), can vary with open top 

A1A- Frame: 18” (W) x 24” (H)” or 24” (W) x 24” (H) 

A-Frame: 18” x 24” to 36” x 60” recommended, 4mm or 6 mm corrugated signage acceptable  


Where the sign will be displayed 

Most products that we offer are used in outdoor yard settings to grab the attention of pedestrians or drivers. The products are designed to dig into the ground, providing stability for the sign to be displayed longer. While most products are to be displayed in yards, several products do not require this. This includes the Hotdog Stand, Car Window Clip, A1A-Frame, and A-Frame. The Window Clip’s use is limited to car windows and the Hotdog Stand is mostly limited to indoor use. However, the A1A- Frame and A-Frame can be displayed either inside or outside. They are versatile enough to be displayed on lawns, outside of shops, or inside. It is recommended that some form of ballast weight is used if displaying outside.  



Choosing the design for an event can be hard, but we believe choosing a sign holder should be made easy. While there are many products to choose from, we hope that breaking it down into what the sign will be made of, the size, and where it will be displayed can assist you in making a confident choice. As always, if you need any assistance making the final choice, we are a phone call or email away! 

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